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Emergency Lighting Power Supply – Modified Sine Wave
The Nova UAC – M series is an emergency lighting power supply which combines a specification grade battery unit with a high efficiency output AC modified sine wave inverter.

The Nova UAC allows conventional lighting to also be used as Emergency Lighting. Depending on the model chosen, the Nova UAC will provide up to 1440W of power in the event of a power failure for 30 minutes to support egress lighting.

The Nova UAC is designed to work in conjunction with linear fluorescent, LED or incandescent light fixtures while providing a great solution to meet lower wattage inverter system needs. Utilizing the Nova UAC eliminates the need for special emergency lighting fixtures to reduce overall application costs.

On AC mains/power failure, the Nova UAC automatically outputs 120, 277V or 347VAC emergency power. There is a user selectable normally on or off operation.


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